A question for Trump supporters


Almost every mainstream (non-“fake”) news medium chronicles Donald Trump’s devastation of our nation’s founding principles. I won’t honor him by calling him “President.” Instead, I see him as a pompous, cruel yet clever huckster whose agenda is to dismantle every remnant of our republic. Extreme and even moderate Republicans are applauding his executive orders, as are our local representatives — Republicans Norma Smith, Barbara Bailey and Dave Hayes. The new nominee for the Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch, is too evasive in his answers to let us know whether or not he will be a political lackey for a destructive agenda.

American freedoms are now under threat; legions of average people committed to frustrating Trump’s anti-democratic program must step forward. Bernie Sanders has warned us that it must fall to the American people to take the lead if we are to preserve what we value. If elimination of the social safety net, deregulation of banks and corporations, control of women’s reproductive choices, throwing out environmental protections, indifference to election hacking by our enemies, selling our internet browsing privacy, tax breaks turning our progressive tax system upside-down, weakening public schools, proposal of health care reform even more unaffordable than the one in place, and proposing illegal immigration reform aren’t enough to stir up rage, I don’t know what will.

So, I ask Trump supporters: What will it take to inspire your higher selves to do your part in continuing to build a better and more livable world for yourself, your children and grandchildren?


Useless Bay