Climate change plan is not ‘good news’


The headline, “Republican Plan for climate change good news,” for the Tollotson letter in the Feb. 18 edition of The Record is a bit misleading.

First, the “elder” Republicans Baker and Shultz mentioned in the letter have little sway in the daily musings of our idiot-in-chief regarding climate issues or anything else. And, if anyone missed it, Scott Pruitt, Alabama’s AG was just confirmed as the EPA’s new administrator. This is the same petroleum industry shill that regularly sued the EPA for trying to limit the environmental damage done by the oil barons of Alabama. Expect the worst while the crazies appointed by Bannon and his boy-toy Donnie destroy the EPA and other agencies.

As regards carbon emissions should they ever be taxed, those proceeds should support clean energy initiatives rather than be handed out to individual households. Support of renewable energy programs would create new jobs while shortening the time required to complete our inevitable transition away from fossil fuels.

All of us should pay attention as our inept and unqualified leader uses his pen to stifle science and enable corporate bottom-feeders to devastate our fragile planet.



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