If man-made global warming is fake, who’s the hoaxter, why?


Regarding a climate change hoax, the subject of a recent letter to the editor concerning man’s role in climate change, I would like to know what evidence is there of such a hoax? What is/are the name(s) of the hoaxters? In addition to knowing who they are, where are they, when did they start perpetrating this hoax, and, most importantly, why?

Those who constantly say climate change is a hoax and there is no evidence of man made or man contribution to climate change, also assert, as in a recent letter to the editor, that there is not one piece of evidence to support that assertion. However, to my knowledge, there has never been more than an allegation of a hoax but never any evidence of such a hoax. Such a hoax would likely include thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people and it doesn’t seem likely that there would have been no information leak. I am sure Wiki Leaks would love to have that evidence,

Of most significance is the question of why? Why would anyone perpetrate such a hoax? What would they stand to gain?

Perhaps there is someone out there like a character in a James Bond movie. There is a megalomaniac or a cabal of megalomaniacs hidden away and sequestered somewhere in a big cave where they are hoarding all of the energy and energy sources the world needs or will need to be able to forgo coal and oil. As soon as the world gives it all up, Mr. Megalomaniac and his loyal crew will hold the world hostage to his energy. Sort of like “Quantum of Solace” where an entire country’s water was sequestered and the country held hostage.

So to all those who hold tight to the belief that there is a hoax, pray identify the evidence of such a hoax and why. Someone must be doing it. Otherwise, I am not convinced.