LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Show respect for our local theater


This past Thursday, May 25, my husband and I went to the Clyde Theater to see a very charming movie as we do on several occasions a month. We are very blessed on this island to have such a wonderful little venue such as the Clyde, and we should all treat it with the respect it deserves.

Upon leaving the theater, as on other occasions, we noticed napkins, paper cups, popcorn and just about anything sold (at a very reasonable price, I might add) thrown on the floor without any concern or respect for the lovely people who own this venue. They have to clean this mess up. There are trash receptacles provided, but it seems some people, not all, think they are the exception and are entitled to just throw stuff on the floor.

Shame on you, and you know who you are.

For god’s sake, show a little respect for this place, its a gift and we are fortunate to have it in our community.