Letter: WICA play is worth the watch, good for laughs


Go see the new play at WICA, “Next to Normal.” While your first reaction might be that a play about mental illness would be depressing, this isn’t.

It’s engaging, poignant, sobering and, in places, hilarious. This is a musical and the cast does a great job with the creative songs.

One that had us all laughing was a take on the “Sound of Music” song, “These Are a Few of my Favorite Things.”

Except the song in the play used the line, “these are a few of my favorite pills,” as the cast called out and juggled bottles of Xanax, Valium, etc.

Also, Gabe Harshman, playing the doctor, was hilarious in one scene as he transitioned back and forth between an intense rock star type and the sedate doctor. The live band playing backstage was a great accompaniment. Treat yourself to a fun evening with this latest WICA offering.

Karen and Dave Anderson


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