Scientists agree that global warming is a catastrophe in the making


This is in response to Ronald Wyman’s letter published on July 26.

Mr. Wyman responds skeptically to the issue of climate change and asks, “who are these… scientists of whom you speak? They never seem to have names.”

Mr. Wyman seems unimpressed by organizations “like NASA” because the individual scientists’ names have not been listed. Therefore, I assume he would be equally unimpressed by organizations like the Union of Concerned Scientists (a network of about 20,000 scientists), the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Meteorological Society, the Federation of American Scientists, and many other scientific organizations that have agreed that climate change is real and is caused by human activity.

So, here are a few of the Nobel Prize-winning scientists who signed the Mainau Declaration of 2015 on Climate Change, and who urge the nations of the world and their leaders to “make rapid progress towards lowering current and future greenhouse gas emissions to minimize the substantial risks of climate change” and state, “Failure to act will subject future generations of humanity to unconscionable and unacceptable risk:” Steven Chu, physicist and former Energy Secretary; Arieh Warshel, biochemist and biophysicist; Roger Tsien, expert in chemistry and biochemistry; and George Fitzgerald Smoot, astrophysicist and cosmologist. There are about 32 more names on the document.

Here is a tiny partial list of current climate scientists who are warning about climate change: Myles Allen, Richard Alley, Robert Balling, Robert E. Dickinson, Christopher Field, Peter Gleick, Gabriele Hegerl, Diane Liverman, and Amanda Lynch, among many, many others.

I have taken the time to do this because denying climate change is such a dangerous point of view, and I do not want to let Mr. Wyman’s letter remain unchallenged, since it is full of factual errors and misconceptions. If Mr. Wyman needs more names and more detail (such as the individual disciplines of the scientists last listed), he can take the time to go online and do some research. There is an enormous volume of material to document the overwhelming majority of scientists who agree that climate change is real and that humans are causing it, and all anyone has to do is Google it. These scientists also agree that this is, indeed, a catastrophe in the making. This is not hubris, Mr. Wyman, it is reality.