Small town paper tells one-sided story


I find it interesting that The Record failed to mention that at the city council meeting on Jan. 17, Mayor Tim Callison, knowing sanctuary city was an important topic to many, invited the city attorney to attend the meeting and give his legal opinion. He also encouraged the council, citizens and “reporter” to ask him any questions. It hardly seems like there was an attempt to block the press or there was not transparency in government.

It was on Feb. 9th when the reporter attempted to ask the attorney additional question(s) at the billable rate of $320/hr. Several weeks later when Callison received the bill, he called said “reporter” about the invoice and was told the editor would call him. The paper made time to call a dozen +/- people, with no knowledge of the event, for an opinion, but failed to call the city treasurer or the mayor. No call, just scandalous articles.

The other concerning item that The Record failed to report on, is the organization for sanctuary city used the public records request for all correspondence related to sanctuary city and targeted the citizens who were opposed to it. They posted their names on social media, called, emailed, went to their homes and harassed them. The paper was given the evidence but chose not to make this a story.

It is disheartening when a small town local paper decides on which side of a news item they want to be on and block all other relevant news.

Lisa Schulte

Lake Stevens

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