Thank God for common sense


I live in rural Langley, not within the city so I do not elect the city council.

I totally support the council not approving Langley as a sanctuary. I have and will continue to go to Langley and buy at The Clyde, the marina, pizza, the Bistro, other restaurants, the fair, the Catholic Church, etc. Had the council tried to make our city a sanctuary I would not have.

I suspect the sanctuary movement was so much political correctness gone way amuck!

We already have a large population of illegals on South Whidbey and we are no better off (worse?) because of that condition.

Thank you to all concerned for everyone (or most) of those folks involved to come to a common sense decision and outcome. I can only guess as to the motives of those involved in the push to make Langley a sanctuary for illegals. Illegals are each and all felons because they here in our country through a violation of law.

Thank God for common sense.