You can’t spell emotion without motion: Island Dance’s visual showcase features modern moves, story | CORRECTED

Modern dancing should tell a story, and 17 Island Dance students are ready to spin a tale.

Spirited away: Brackenwood exhibit reflects on booze

There is only a little to see and much to experience in Brackenwood Fine Arts Gallery’s new exhibit, “Spirits,” launching today through February.

Don ‘Hunter’ Allen: Sharing freely his labor’s fruits | HOMETOWN HERO

It does not matter who you are, what you do, what race, religion or non-religion, political party, or if you are rich or poor, Don Allen will cheerfully help you, and share with you.

Troy Chapman leaving Pearl Django after six years

One of the progenitors of Pearl Django will pluck his last string during a farewell concert later this month in the town that has taken on gypsy jazz as its municipal sound.

Animator explores vast themes in Sundance festival film

Fame, notoriety, and time as themes and ideas drew animator Drew Christie to make a short film about a man who trailblazed film and animation during westward expansion of the United States.

A tale of choice, consequence showcases young talent

A dark story about the power of choice and its consequences has emerged from a group of young Whidbey filmmakers’ minds and talents.

Whidbey artists Carol Jensen’s, Sue Owen’s work to be displayed at Freeland church

The artwork of Carol Jensen and Sue Owen will be featured in the Foyer Art Gallery at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island January through February.

  • Jan 5th, 2016

Towering titans: Artists add color, light to Langley sculpture plaza

The men behind the pieces are Dale Reiger of Greenbank and Woody Morris of Clinton. Both are career artists who pursue other creative endeavors — Reiger builds homes and Morris runs a water feature company. They replace Lloyd Whannell’s and Sue Taves’ sculptures, which were first installed in October 2014. All four have space at the Freeland Art Studios.

Choir forms on South Whidbey to help girls find their voice

A handful of girls are getting a little help finding their voice on South Whidbey.

Langley girl relishes role in Seattle ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’

Front and center, wearing a dazzling red-and-white striped dress, in one of Puget Sound’s most beloved annual performances is Isabelle Rookstool of Langley.

  • Dec 23rd, 2015

How to get your Christmas, holiday fix on South Whidbey | CORRECTED

Plenty of people say the holidays bring with them a busy time of family, friends, gatherings and parties.

WHIDBEY BIRDING | Wisdom: Still soaring after 60 years

Just as she has for over 60 years, she returned. Right on schedule!

Finding reflection, quiet with Langley holiday concert

Early sunsets, cool temperatures and the holiday spirit are working together with musicians Sheila Weidendorf and Mathew Habib to create a quiet, contemplative Christmas concert.

Get caught in Whidbey Children’s Theater’s ‘Mousetrap’ production

Whidbey Children’s Theater will present Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” next month.

  • Dec 5th, 2015

Langley son rolling steady with Seattle radio gig

Running a major radio station’s evening programs is a lifestyle for South Whidbey son Zach Van Lue.

“The Nutcracker,” where Whidbey Island dancers make beauty, grace, snowflakes, mice, and rehearsal look effortless

Beauty, power, grace, elegance and speed: the list of ways to describe the company of Whidbey Island Dance Theatre goes on while a select group of dancers rehearsed.

Why was Thanksgiving Day so readily skipped over? | WHIDBEY RECIPES

I am so ticked off, really angry right now. What happened this year to Thanksgiving, one of our most traditional, non-religious, rooted-in-history holidays, and one I have very much looked forward to every year since I was a child?

A PADDLE AROUND WHIDBEY Part 3: Making the turn, changing directions

Mutiny Bay is blanketed in morning fog with deep ship horns echoing from mid-channel. The July sky will clear with the day’s heat but we launch into a still, insulated world. John took a compass reading last night, so we can head in the direction of Double Bluff.

  • Nov 17th, 2015

A Walker Family Thanksgiving: Enjoy the agony/ecstasy of family holidays—from the sideline

The Walkers would like to invite you over for Thanksgiving. Not for the actual meal or holiday, but as part of their one-night show, A Walker Family Thanksgiving, on Saturday, Nov. 21 at Whidbey Island Center for the Arts in Langley. Think of the Walkers like the von Trapps from “The Sound of Music” but fully American. Their sound is best described as folk Americana, or as pater familias Tom Walker said, “great, genetically-enhanced harmonies.”

  • Nov 18th, 2015

A paddle around Whidbey: Kayaking Whidbey’s western edge — again

In the dark tent I find my earplugs. Listening to the pounding surf at Fort Ebey State Park is making me nervous. In the morning my husband and I plan to launch through the breakers and head south on the second leg of our circumnavigation of Whidbey Island.

  • Nov 14th, 2015

Sarungano gives thanks, readies for more music development

The storytellers of Sarungano have quite the tale to tell. Dana Moffett, Leslie Breeden, Donita Crosby and Dyanne Harshman went to Zimbabwe earlier this year, largely thanks to donations and fundraising on South Whidbey, to perform with the African country’s traditional instruments and donate several to an orphanage. They have become ambassadors of music, trying to aid in the restoration of a custom stripped from the land’s native people.

Jerry Lloyd: A giver with the heart of a teacher | HOMETOWN HERO

Many of us are big picture people, some of us are better at seeing the small details. Hometown Hero Jerry Lloyd, however, sees the forest and the trees clearly at the same time. His motivation is what is best for the community as a whole, and then he narrows the needs of individuals all at once.

Exciting summer gives way to interesting fall, winter | WHIDBEY BIRDING

Finally, I have time to write after a very busy summer seeking out, enjoying and monitoring birds. And spending time with family.

A barrel of laughs and a barrel of beer: WICA hosts comedy competition, workshop, open mic

Making people laugh is a matter of truth for Ron Reid.

Internationally known painter to brighten artist group meeting with demo

Pastel artist Teresa Saia will give a demonstration to the Artists of South Whidbey next week. The group meets at noon and Saia will begin at 1 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10 at Trinity Lutheran Community Building, 18341 Highway 525 in Freeland.

  • Nov 5th, 2015

Here be dragons: WICA, Tears of Joy puppet show explains differences, acceptance — no strings attached

Art will attempt to pull at the heart strings of the audience with the help of real strings attached to puppets this Friday night. Whidbey Island Center for the Arts is bringing in a theater group to put on Kenneth Grahame’s “The Reluctant Dragon” as a puppet play in the first Family Series show of its 2015-16 season. The children’s story, first published in 1898, is about a boy who befriends a like-minded dragon. With the help of fabled dragon slayer St. George, they convince once-terrified townsfolk to accept the less-than-terrifying winged lizard.

Dinner (and a drink) theater takes root at Taproom

Island Shakespeare Festival is coming to a tavern near you this fall, winter and spring.

Shucking oysters from the brink of death – Kitsch ‘n Bitch ready to shuck

From the brink of death 10 months ago, Sue Frause is ready to celebrate life on Whidbey Island with a bit of vino and a few oysters.

There’s more use for pumpkins than pies, lattes | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Have you purchased your supply of cucurbita pepo yet?

Where to get tricks, treats, sweets and footloose on South Whidbey

Ghouls, gremlins, costumes, pumpkins, dancing and the dead will all be celebrated during several Halloween and harvest festivities over the coming weeks on South Whidbey. With so many events planned, here’s a primer for what each is, where it’s happening, what it may cost (or not), and how to get involved.

One-night art show, ‘Underneath the Doghouse,’ a mirror of Whidbey memories

Fear is present in at least some small way in all of Allegra Rose Brown’s works of art. In her upcoming Friday, Oct. 23 installment and one-night show, “Underneath the Doghouse,” Rose Brown’s paintings, sketches and kinetic sculptures depict the 38-year-old woman’s recollections of life on Whidbey Island. There are scenes of the Island County Fair rides like the Scrambler, the discontinued barnyard scramble — derided as the source of Langley’s rabbit population problem.

Clinton author with MS finds her voice after losing her speech

Deborah Livesey found her voice even as she lost the ability to speak. The 63-year-old Clinton woman wrote a book about family and the secrets kept from and between siblings and parents. But Livesey could not just sit down and type up a chapter, a word, or even a letter. Livesey has multiple sclerosis, a degeneration of the nervous system. Essentially, Livesey’s beautiful mind — one that creates stories about a daughter dealing with the pains of her past and the repercussions in the present — is trapped in a frail and increasingly uncooperative body.

Freeland author releases book, to hold reading

Freeland author Cynthia Trenshaw will host a reading and launch of her new book, “Meeting in the Margins: An Invitation to Encounter Society’s Invisible People,” next week.

  • Oct 9th, 2015

Hark back to a time of classics with Island Consort

A chorus of strings, woodwinds, voices and a harpsichord will resound through the sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation this Saturday during the season opener for Island Consort.

Fungi fever grips South Whidbey activities

Only a few steps into the Wilbert Trail at South Whidbey State Park, Ida Gianopulos is already rooting through the decaying matter of a fallen tree trying to find any sign of fungi.

Mr. South Whidbey brings back old favorites

When John Auburn turned 50, he decided that he was going to do something that would embarrass himself.

DjangoFest Northwest: Immersing Langley in gypsy jazz

The sounds of plucked guitars, thrumming bass and tinny snare drums, plus accordions, piano and plenty of horns will wash over Langley as DjangoFest Northwest returns for its 15th year.

‘Looped’ — reciting the same line while finding your voice

The lives and times of stars and celebrities are commonplace today.

2015 remembered as ‘The summer of too much’ | WHIDBEY RECIPES

I think it’s safe to say that the summer of 2015 will live in our memories for a very long time. For awhile now, I’ve been thinking of it as “the summer of too much.”

Raven Rocks Gallery presents “Serendipity: The Art of Pleasant Surprises”

Raven Rocks Gallery has welcomed back one its favorite artists, Marcia Van Doren, for a showing of her latest works of oil on paper. "Her painting is simply exquisite, and is best described in her own words, 'My work focuses on the female environment for the most part, that is what I know, of course. So there are interior scenes and many times looking through a window outside or outside looking in... . In some work, the scenes are like stage sets — something is going to happen or has happened, but not shown. I love that kind of suspense... I feel there is nostalgia in some of the work, a wistfulness, a looking back,'" the gallery said, in a recent news release.

  • Sep 2nd, 2015

Good tunes, ‘fish dance,’ having fun help land prize pink at derby

Sarah Holm beamed a bright smile while holding up her mighty, first-place winning fish at the Freeland Ace/Fishin’ Club Pink Salmon Derby on Saturday.

Soup Box Derby becomes race for remembering

Another name in memoriam will be included in the upcoming Langley Soup Box Derby.

LAKE, 10 years later: Olympia indie band with South Whidbey roots to perform 100+ songs during 12-hour set

Ten years later, LAKE has plenty to sing about. The indie pop band that sprung from Olympia’s music scene a decade ago is returning to frontman Eli Moore’s hometown for a free 10-year anniversary performance Aug. 22. LAKE will play every song from its 10 albums (seven published, three unreleased), an estimated 120 pieces, during a 12-hour marathon at Bayview Hall this Saturday.

Freeland Ace/Fishin’ Club Pink Salmon Derby celebrates community, fishing

Bonnie Nichols likes her chances to claim a prize at the upcoming Freeland Ace Hardware/Fishin’ Club Pink Salmon Derby next Saturday.

Luise’s legacy: German composer’s descendant brings music to Whidbey Island

A German woman’s compositions will be played in full on Whidbey Island with the first Luise Greger International Music Festival this month. Luise Greger, a German composer whose works from the early 1900s were discovered only recently in the past two decades, will receive a new life. She is featured in Brigham Young University’s list, The Sophie Project, of German-speaking women’s works. Deer Lagoon-area resident Elizabeth Derrig, Greger’s great-great granddaughter, organized the Aug. 14-15 festival in honor of her ancestor.

SLIDESHOW | Fun aplenty at first day of Whidbey Island Fair 2015

Hundreds of people flocked to the Island County Fairgrounds in Langley for the opening day of the Whidbey Island Fair on Aug. 6.

Students take reins of making a short film at Whidbey Children’s Theater Film Camp

A couple dozen students got an in-depth, two-week lesson with Whidbey Children’s Theater Film Camp that started July 27 and wraps Aug. 7.

Good enough for Wonderland: an ode to versatile soup | WHIDBEY RECIPES

“Who for such dainties would not stoop? “Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!”

Annual Coupeville arts festival takes over this weekend

The Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival will fill the streets this weekend with artist vendors, music and food.

  • Jul 28th, 2015

Shakespeare Festival offers tales of power, honor, redemption

Island Shakespeare Festival’s two 2015 productions are two sides to the same coin of humanity. One side has the females of “The Tempest,” which opened this weekend; the other, “The Three Musketeers,” represents the male. They play on the themes of honor and power crafted by artistic director and founder Rose Woods, who is directing “The Tempest.”