Cops tase Freeland man twice; suspect charged with assault

It took two tasings and several officers to take down a Freeland man who was charged last week with assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

Kyle Landry, 32, who has a history of drug use and domestic violence according to court records, was taken into custody after he allegedly violated an anti-harassment order at a Freeland home Dec. 18.

The reporting Island County Sheriff’s Office deputy observed Landry pacing back and forth from his truck, at times with a large folding knife in his hand, according to court documents.

When Landry continued to become agitated and make death threats, the deputy reported that he was “very concerned this contact was going to end in lethal force.”

Landry challenged the deputy and “stated several times that he would kill me or I had to kill him,” according to the deputy’s statement in the court documents. He also reported that Landry flipped the deputy off several times.

When Landry did not respond to officer’s commands to get on the ground and continued to threaten violence, the deputy said he called for backup and several deputies responded.

A total of six officers approached Landry, who “made fists and took a fighting stance,” the deputy reported. Two taser deployments had “little effect on Landry” who came at the deputies swinging, the report states. Landry then grabbed another deputy by the protective vest and twisted it “violently,” causing a rug burn-type injury, court documents state.

Landry was reportedly taken to the ground where he continued to fight the deputies for several minutes.

The reporting deputy said he injured his left wrist and that two chunks of skin were removed from his right hand as a result of the scuffle.

The knife was found in Landry’s car.

The third-degree assault charge carries with it a maximum sentence of five years, though the average sentence ranges between three and five months, and up to $10,000 in fines.