Langley man rams neighbor’s car over property dispute

A Langley man is facing assault charges for allegedly ramming his car into a neighbor’s vehicle and threatening to kill them.

Christian Devon Irmer, who was charged this week in Island County Superior Court, and his neighbors had an ongoing dispute about property lines, according to a police report.

Irmer’s neighbor, who was driving with a second person, told police he spotted Irmer’s car coming toward him on Cedar Circle and pulled into his lane of traffic to get him to stop. The neighbor told police he wanted to talk to Irmer about the property dispute, according to the report.

Both cars stopped, but then Irmer restarted his car and crashed into the front drivers side of the neighbor’s vehicle, police reported.

When the neighbor backed up and tried to get away, Irmer followed him, yelled “that he was going to kill them” and rammed into them again on the driver’s side rear bumper, police reported. The driver and witnesses told police the second crash caused the car to spin 180 degrees.

After interviewing all parties and a couple of witnesses, police concluded in their report that Irmer was the “primary aggressor” going after his neighbors and threatening to kill them.

“Mr. Irmer knowingly drove his vehicle at (his neighbor’s) vehicle ramming it not once but twice at two separate locations,” according to police.

The charges carry a maximum sentence of up to 10 years in jail and/or a $20,000 fine.