Evan Thompson / The Record — Clyde Jenkins of the South Whidbey Yacht Club takes a water sample from Lone Lake in July. Recent water samples revealed Anatoxin-a levels had 1,229 micrograms per liter; the state’s recreational limit for Anatoxin-a is 1 microgram per liter.

Neurotoxins still present in Lone Lake

  • Wednesday, August 16, 2017 10:00am
  • News

Water quality at Lone Lake continues to decline, according to recent test results.

A recent water sample revealed Anatoxin-a levels had risen to 1,229 micrograms per liter; the state’s recreational limit for Anatoxin-a is 1 microgram per liter. Microcystin levels are also above the state limit at 24 micrograms per liter.

“I think it might be a reaction to the very hot weather we’ve been having,” Island County Environmental Health Specialist Maribeth Crandell said. “Now that it’s cooled off, I expect it to go down.”

Anatoxin-a can disrupt the link between nerves and muscles and can lead to loss of coordination, muscular fasciculations, convulsions and death by respiratory paralysis.

Island County closed the lake on July 19 following an analysis that showed Anatoxin-a levels at 49.030 micrograms per liter. The levels increased to 160.59 micrograms per liter in a test the following week.

Multiple causes for the algae bloom have been theorized, from high nutrient concentration to runoff from pastures, roads and leaky septic systems.

The lake will remain closed until neurotoxin levels are below the state limit for two weeks.

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