EDITORIAL | Consider helping by joining the Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol

Standing on the sidelines and whining about government and the quality of the services it provides is a time-honored tradition, and likely one that’s practiced everywhere.

Far harder is getting up and doing something about it, especially when it’s for free. The volunteers with the Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol are an excellent example of self-sacrificing people who are doing their part to make South Whidbey, indeed all of Island County, a better and safer place to live.

The organization was created in 1995 as a way to help the sheriff’s office. Volunteers, either working in offices or doing patrols, take on a variety of different tasks to free up time for deputies. Ultimately, it means cops can spend more time on the streets working to nab bad guys and girls.

In a time when property crime has public patience at a breaking point, the contribution of the Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol has never been greater and they deserve our thanks.