Janis Reid

Island County study claims Navy’s impact is ‘significant’

An economic impact study completed by the Island County Economic Development Council this month shows the impact Whidbey Island Naval Air Station has on area economies.

State says OLF blocks do impact landscape

A state agency has reversed its determination about cement blocks placed at Outlying Field Coupeville saying that they are, in fact, an “adverse effect” to the historic landscape of Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve.

Island County Commissioner Emerson won’t run in 2014

Commissioner Kelly Emerson has announced that she will not run for re-election next year.

Two citizen groups take aim at Commissioner Johnson

Representatives of two citizens groups that complained about Navy jet noise took aim at Island County Commissioner Jill Johnson on Monday.

Navy gears up to resume touch-and-goes at OLF with fewer operations

A Coupeville-based group that sued the Navy in July over jet noise is claiming that Outlying Field Coupeville is not as essential as the Navy claims.

Sea Mar takes over controversial Recovery Services program

Mark MacNaughton saw the highs and the lows of Island County’s addiction recovery efforts.

Whidbey ECO Network unrolls new website, partnerships

On a trip to the beach at South Whidbey State Park Wednesday, the students of Calyx School found a gumboot chiton, a large marine mollusk.

Island County Commissioners to review jet noise disclosure forms

A revelation that Island County has two different noise disclosures is compelling the commissioners to review the issue next week.

County approves event permitting for Whidbey farms, agricultural properties

The Island County commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance last week which allows permitting for events on agricultural properties.

New OLF perimeter blocks bolster security, aggravate facility critics

The recent placement of cement blocks around Outlying Field Coupeville has caused neighboring residents to criticize the appearance as well as the Navy’s failure to consult the community.

Missing loved ones, Island military families struggle through holidays

Bev and Clay Miller got engaged and then spent their entire engagement apart while Clay was on deployment as a Navy pilot. Daughter of a Navy pilot who served in Vietnam, Bev knew the drill.

Australian air force to train at NAS Whidbey Island

Over the next three years, six crews of the Royal Australian Air Force will train to fly the new EA-18G Growler at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.

Security increased at Outlying Field

More than 1,000 large cement blocks connected by thick cable are being installed around the perimeter of the Navy’s Outlying Field Coupeville.

Land preservation fund saved by Island County commissioners

The Island County commissioners voted unanimously in favor of continuing the Conservation Futures program Monday after hundreds of residents contacted them in support over the last week.

Whidbey Island robotics team takes 11th at world competition

Members of Whidbey Island’s homegrown underwater robotics team were honored by the Island County Board of Commissioners on Monday for placing 11th in an international competition.

Island County considers hobbling Conservation Futures Fund

The Island County commissioners are considering an ordinance Monday that would put new Conservation Futures Fund purchases on hold for one year.

Two fishermen nearly drown at restored Ala Spit Park

Roger Baker’s biggest fear lately is coming home to find a drowning victim washed up in his backyard.

Coupeville jet noise forum raises health concerns

Frustration was apparent Tuesday as more than 100 people gathered to hear health professionals talk about the effects of jet noise on adults and children.

Citizen organization against OLF jet noise spreads to North Whidbey

A message written on the white board summed up the group’s sentiments: “Who helps us? We do!”

Where is Island County Commissioner Kelly Emerson?

When the Island County Board of Commissioners approved a moratorium on recreational marijuana this week, Commissioner Kelly Emerson said she would make herself available by phone to vote on the controversial issue.