Kate Daniel

Freeland meal packaging event to help children in need across Africa, Caribbean, U.S.

Mike Mellison, a retired part-time Freeland resident and full-time humanitarian, is helping the Whidbey community lend a hand to others. At 6 p.m. Friday, Aug. 22 and 9 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 23, Mellison and other volunteers will gather at the Island Church of Whidbey in Langley to assemble nutritious meals for kids in need.

South End Hip-Hop dancers Smash Brothaz to perform at WICA

Graham and Zane Vanderwood may not have danced themselves out of the womb, but the two brothers do appear to have been born to moonwalk, pop and glide.

South Whidbey kids chat about Christmas

The Record spoke with first graders at South Whidbey Elementary about Santa, the North Pole and Christmas morning rituals.

WhidbeyTV partners with South Whidbey High School for tech production program

South Whidbey High School students now have the opportunity to learn camera operation techniques with real-life application thanks to an independent study mentor program developed by WhidbeyTV.

Frank Parra crowned Mr. South Whidbey 2014

Frank Parra, affectionately known by many South End residents as “Mr. Do-It,” proved he really can do it all by obtaining the title of Mr. South Whidbey 2014.

SLIDESHOW | 90th annual Whidbey Island Area Fair

The 90th annual Whidbey Island Area Fair continued through the weekend with plenty of fun and sunshine.

Whidbey authors pen title for land trust

Whidbey residents Elizabeth Guss, Janice O'Mahony and Mary Richardson co-authored "Whidbey Island: Reflections on People and the Land." Proceeds from book sales will be donated to the Whidbey Camano Land Trust.

Freeland dojo Tiger Martial Arts still kicking after 10 years

Wendi Barker, owner of Tiger Martial Arts in Freeland, began her first karate class in Boston at age 30, after her son RJ was born with spina bifida.

Beyond Skill: Figurative painter Golucho visits Whidbey

Throughout the art world, Spanish painter Golucho’s works are regarded as emotional, provocative and masterfully crafted. But according to the painter, philosopher and poet, his artistic technique is a vessel through which he delivers a much deeper message.

Civil War veteran receives headstone, memorial unites family

On Tuesday, Sept. 30, Howard Zuvela and several fellow Newell relations and friends gathered to pay respects to their ancestors interred at Bayview Cemetery in Langley and to express gratitude for the recent installation of their great-great grandfather’s marble headstone — his grave had previously been unmarked. Among the family members were several residents of Skagit and Island County including Audrey Spencer Newell of Clinton and her sister Laurie Newell as well as fourth and fifth generations of Wickliffe Guy Newells.

South End teachers find support in online education

Laura Spear felt she needed to make a change. Spear, a social worker living in Enterprise, Ore., had spent the last several years visiting the homes of families in crisis, delivering curriculum to parents, many of whom had had their children removed from the home by Child Protective Services. “I found that the children I was working with were not ready for kindergarten,” Spear recalled, expressing that she felt somewhat helpless as she was only able to spend about one hour a week with the kids.

Fight for homeless continues on South End

Judy Thorslund knows firsthand the importance of “empowerment through community.” President of the board of directors for the non-profit South Whidbey Homeless Coalition, Thorslund has spent decades working to help those without permanent housing and is no stranger to nights spent out in the cold — she was once homeless herself. With Whidbey Island’s homeless now estimated to number in the hundreds, it’s an issue Coalition members like her say is crying out for public attention. Some needs to be done, and the group is ready to lead the way.

Fiber arts program weaves new skills into students

Sheep may not be masters of arithmetic, and goats may not be adept business strategists. But students at South Whidbey Academy are learning lessons in these and a variety of other subjects through study of these animals, and their fibers.

Community blossoms in South Whidbey Garden Tour

Residents will have the opportunity to glimpse into the private gardens of their neighbors and admire some of South Whidbey’s most luscious floral delights this weekend.

Langley High School alumni reunite to reminisce

For the group of 15 men seated around the lunch table at Holmes Harbor Rod and Gun Club, the conversation quickly shoots from discussion of one’s upcoming vacation to recollections of another’s family antics and yet another’s deceased loved one. The men are all alumni of the former Langley High School. The eldest members of the group graduated in 1944 while the youngest graduated from high school in 1955.

Writer debuts first play: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Clinton resident Dana Linn has entrusted her locks to hair stylists the world over, but none are as dear to her heart as Golene, a parodical Southern woman with a deep penchant for hair spray, leopard print and her 1960s-style beehive.

Take this dance: Argentine tango class teaches movement as well as connection

A stanza of rich and vital music ascends from the speakers, breaking the evening silence at Bayview Corner; four couples silently take to the studio floor, keeping time with one another’s precise steps and slight sways as if attuned to the notes as by one another’s energy.

Writers strive to write 50,000 words in 30 days for national event

American writer Jessamyn West once commented that writing is a solitary occupation, that one must be alone, “slightly savage,” and uninterrupted if he or she is to complete a work. During November, thousands of writers the world over turn the often-solitary art into a community event, striving to pen the rough draft of a 50,000-word novel in 30 days.

Whidbey Island Area Fair changes carnival provider

The Whidbey Island Area Fair will have a new carnival provider this year. The fair board has hired Davis Amusement Cascadia rides to replace Paradise Amusements after years of complaints about subpar service, according to Sandey Brandon, treasurer and fair administrator.

Poinsettia sale funds SWHS music program

South Whidbey High School music students will spread holiday cheer and encourage the spirit of giving with their annual plant sale next month.