Margaret Walton

A little — or a lot — of garlic can be the cure to what ails you | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Finally, just when it seemed winter would never end, March has arrived, and if it’s March, spring must be just around the corner.

Quinoa: What’s as old as the Incas is new among foodies | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Three thousand years B.C., possibly even more, the Incans were cultivating and consuming quinoa, which they called the “Mother of Grains.”

Ever-changing news on ‘unhealthy’ foods leaves me scrambling | WHIDBEY RECIPES

What goes ’round, comes ’round, as the saying goes. If you have patience and can wait long enough, that is.

Our tech-savy society is feeling the hurt in this Internet age | WHIDBEY RECIPES

It’s a lethal combination, cowardice and vitriol. And that lethal combination is seeping into one of the most society-changing, communication revolutions of our lifetime.

The big story behind the sign of the rabbit | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Centuries ago, the Jade Emperor of China decided to throw a party. He invited all the animals to come, intending to designate the first 12 in the order of their arrival as the official animal for each of the 12 months of the Chinese calendar, which he hoped would help his subjects better remember the Zodiac cycle.

These tasty soups will leave you grinning like the Cheshire Cat | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Tomorrow is the 179th anniversary of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s birthday, and I can already hear your comments. “Who’s this Dodgson character and why would I care if tomorrow is his birthdate?”

Time to celebrate the dawning of the Age of Ophiuchus | WHIDBEY RECIPES

How can they do this to us? We go all our lives believing we’re born under an astrological sign that partially determines our personality traits, influences major events in our lives, even tells us who would be the best type of person to marry. Not that many of us paid that much attention to the advice, but nevertheless, now we find out it was all a big mistake.

Open your kitchens — here come the food trends for 2011 | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Goat in the fridge? Kimchee on the stove? Bacon and eggs on your pizza? Gourmet hot dogs on the dinner table? Pie in the oven? A pampered chicken or two in the back yard, waiting to become a humane meal?

Where did the time go? Yesterday seems like yesteryear | WHIDBEY RECIPES

It seems only a year or three ago that we were in the midst of New Year hysteria, waiting to see the end of the ’90s, counting the seconds until the dawning of that bright, shiny new year, 2000, the beginning of a new millennium.

Make sure to pack plenty of punch into your holiday season | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Why is it that we only drag out the old punch bowl over the holidays? The rest of the year it sits in the back of a closet or cupboard, neglected until holiday party time, which is too bad because a carefully constructed punch can be a welcome treat any time of the year.

The Scrooge and the Grinch must be in cahoots | WHIDBEY RECIPES

After reading a couple of newspapers, watching the latest news on TV and logging in to news stories on the Internet, I’ve come to a conclusion regarding holiday spirit this year.

Not so gnarly, and not so expensive, these ‘truffles’ are a true treat | WHIDBEY RECIPES

There are truffles sniffed and rooted from the ground by pigs and dogs, ugly and costing more than we even want to think about. But, fortunately for us, they’re not the only truffles around, and this is the perfect time of year to tackle truffle-making right in the privacy of your own kitchen. No pigs or dogs involved, unless your best-friend pooch is in the kitchen with you.

Time marches on, even for our unstoppable Baby Boomers | WHIDBEY RECIPES

If you were born in any year between 1946 and 1964, I probably don’t need to tell you what you’ve been labeled. That’s right; you’re officially a Boomer, part of the surge of babies born after the end of World War II.

We hope to see you again real soon for dinner, Tom Turkey | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Before we get to the subject at hand, which is leftovers, I have to fix an error in last week’s recipes.

Best supporting actors will steal the limelight on Turkey Day | WHIDBEY RECIPES

The Oscar for a starring role will go, of course, to the plump, juicy, golden brown turkey, sitting center stage on the Thanksgiving table.

Fruitcake is one of November’s many mixed blessings | WHIDBEY RECIPES

November is a month of mixed blessings, in my mind.

Haven’t heard the story behind pumpkins? Then you don’t know Jack | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there lived a miserly, mean-tempered but very shrewd grouch named Jack, who happened to be very fond of turnips and often carried one or two with him in his pockets. (Keep this important fact in mind; you’ll need it later.)

Better watch out for those young bucks looking for love | WHIDBEY RECIPES

“Caller reported a dead deer at the side of the road. Caller reported hitting a deer on Whatever Road. Caller says an injured deer is in their yard.”

Regular or decaf? Either way, please keep your shirt on | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Margaret Walton wants equality among the barista body-bearing set