Lawfare and studies won’t be remedy


We only need to review the last ten years and also 1991 to see where more studies and failed lawfare regarding OLF Coupeville leads: Namely, more wasted taxpayer dollars on lawfare from noise agitation groups seeking the “remedy” of moving the Growlers.

With the Sept. 1 federal district court ruling, Attorney General Bob Ferguson is arguably the next general to find failure against the American military on Central Whidbey’s prairie. Perhaps the ghost of Confederate General George Pickett, leader of the thankfully failed Gettysburg charge, still haunts Washington’s history. Like Ferguson, other leaders who found similar failures throughout history include Ken Pickard, Maryon Attwood, Paula Spina, and Bill Skubi.

Also, my fellow Democrats, Bob Ferguson’s divisive lawfare versus Hilary Franz’s collaborative approach with the Navy via easements on the Olympic Peninsula is one reason why I’m endorsing Hilary Franz for Governor. To keep NAS Whidbey Island growling and address the climate emergency, we do not need Ferguson’s divisive, time-wasting lawfare – we need Franz’s collaborative, bold leadership.

That said, complacency for fellow NAS Whidbey Island boosters is, I daresay, nonstrategic. Incompatible land use being indicated by noise agitation groups activism and lawfare is at the least sending divisive mixed political signals.

Therefore, I suggest as I watch OLF Coupeville flight operations, America should remove incompatible housing development near OLF Coupeville to protect both Ebey’s Reserve and OLF Coupeville by using both free market and regulatory tools. Thank you as lawfare and more studies will not be a remedy for OLF Coupeville.

Joe A. Kunzler