Letter: Biden is trustworthy presidential candidate


Not that long ago we believed in and wanted an honest president with integrity. One we and our children could look up to. What has happened? Donald Trump and a GOP party that continues to support him even with 91 indictment charges, someone who continues to lie and gaslight the country. If citizens who believe Trump’s lies would read the indictments they might come to appreciate how serious these indictments are and how dangerous Trump is to our country and our Democracy. How can people blindly follow him even with the possibility of jail time looming? Do we really want a president that could end up in jail?! This is NOT the America I want nor many of our allies around the world want either.

There must be many qualified Republicans who could run against Joe Biden, although I can think of no one better! Biden has accomplished so much in the last three years to make the country a better place such as lowering unemployment to an all time low of 3.7%, the inflation and chip acts adding good paying jobs, the infrastructure bill, assistance committed to Ukraine. Biden also won Senate confirmation for 97 of his picks to the federal bench including Supreme Court Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson, 660 million COVID-19 vaccinations while only 20 million before he took office.

We have known for a long time Joe Biden as an honest, trustworthy person one we do not need to worry about while he is in office. Trump on the other hand should be barred from holding any office using the 14th amendment. He never took his oath of office seriously and led a coup against our country, whipping up his followers which led to the January 6th insurrection and he continues to attack the justice system, judges or anyone who are just doing their jobs. The BIG LIE has become the BIG RIP OFF causing him to convince people, who probably can not afford it, to send him money again using and cheating his followers. We can and should do better. He fooled us once. Let us not be fooled again! Vote for a winner NOT a three-time LOSER who has lost every important legal challenge.

Nancy Mayer