Letter: Commissioner St. Clair advocates for child care


It’s well documented what the recent pandemic wrought on the health and livelihoods of families in Washington state. As a mother of two young children, I can attest to the unique pressures felt by parents, when struggling to balance the often-competing needs of work and childcare.

However, I write this letter not as a parent but as a local childcare provider, educator and member of the Island County Child Care Partnership Task Force that recently studied the state of child care in Island County. Comprised of educators, health care workers, parents and social service professionals, the task force developed a comprehensive report to assess the current state of child care in Island County. County Commissioner Janet St. Clair immediately reached out, and asked how she could help.

St. Clair prioritized the task force’s concerns, and championed their recommendations. Her efforts have resulted in the re-opening of child care programs on Camano and Whidbey Islands, the opening of a new childcare program, and additional funding for existing programs through federal grants.

As a frontline worker, a parent and a resident of Stanwood-Camano, I share this experience as a clear example of St. Clair’s integrity, effectiveness and work ethic as a county commissioner. Local leaders who take time to listen, learn and help can create healthy, hopeful communities and affect positive change. She has demonstrated herself to be a capable leader, and I am in support of her re-election in District 3.

Heather White

Camano Island