Letter: Consequences of gun violence far reaching


As I sit typing this letter, the news media are reporting yet another school shooting, this time at Saugus High School, Santa Clarita, Calif.

This is becoming the norm in our country. One has to wonder, and fear, if Oak Harbor schools will in time be another incident that’s reported nationally of a mass-murder shooting of children in one of our schools.

That these kinds of events can traumatize people even when not directly involved has proof in myself.

Every single time, every day I took my child to elementary school I thought of Sandy Hook. Even now I think of Sandy Hook.

I have real difficulty wrapping my mind around the idea that one of the children killed at Sandy Hook had eleven bullets in his body. Innocent children! Blessed teachers and administrators … killed. And the element in our society most responsible for promoting the evil that exists with guns and there use is the NRA.

NRA, you have blood on your hands. And those who “rabidly” support the NRA are just as complicate. I am going to make a suggestion: Those of you who have membership in the NRA need to withdraw your membership and financial support.

Since it has been reported that 76 to 80 percent of NRA members hold to the need for reasonable controls on gun ownership, including background checks, making ownership of assault rifles illegal, keeping them out of the hands of the mentally challenged and those with criminal histories, and more, makes my recommendation a reasonable response to much of the evil in our time.

Cancel your membership. Or hold yourselves just as complicate in the deaths and injuries of our children and other fallen citizens through the use of firearms.

What is happening in our time with politicians who have given over their souls to the evil of the NRA and will not act on legislation to curb gun ownership with reasonable restrictions that would curb truly evil gun violence?

Many of the politicians who are most prominent about absolutely no restrictions on gun ownership are politicians who also are sycophants to Donald J. Trump.

And the most concerning thing of all is that these politicians who unquestioningly support Trump are afraid of their base and are unwilling to do the right thing because they are afraid of doing anything that would anger those who are most adamant about the Second Amendment.

This brings us to the real problem: Citizens who elect politicians who are unwilling or afraid to do the right thing.

Larry Eaton

Oak Harbor

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