Letter: Conservative dad wouldn’t recognize Republican party


I would like to commend reporter Emily Gilbert on her excellent, balanced article on the local reaction to the violence at the U.S. Capitol last week.

I direct my comments to our quoted, local Republican leaders Tim Hazelo, Morgan Cooper and Ron Muzzall.

You all have thrown up your hands in horror and seem to be clutching your pearls to decry that violent, treasonous attack by President Trump’s supporters on the assembled members of the U.S. Congress trying to certify the results of our November presidential election.

Look guys, do you really think folks here in Island County are not aware that you, President Trump and your national Republican Party have tacitly allowed and courted these violence-prone, anti-government, neo-Confederate, white supremacist, liberal hating, anti-Semitic ideas and elements in our society, present that day at the Capitol, by welcoming them into your “Make-America-Great-Again” coalition?

Your outrage over the violence does not excuse your silent complicity in embolding these destructive ideas and forces, giving them acceptance and legitimacy in your party and our shared political life.

You also depend on the votes of the folks who are denying the outcome of our recent presidential election, many of whom cheered on this violent, unpatriotic, dark assault.

Very disturbing indeed.

And I would say to you, Mr. Hazelo, if you want to put all of us Whidbey folks into what you consider your “basket of conservatism,” whatever that means, you better look up what conservatism really means because you have missed the mark.

My father, may he rest in peace, was a life-long Republican born in 1915. As a conservative he would not recognize this intolerant, Trumpist cult as the Republican Party that he knew and loved.

Michael Ferri