Letter: Cyr is dedicated to environment, social justice


I’m writing to ask for your vote to re-elect Craig Cyr for Langley City Council, position 4. Craig is a dynamic force for good in our community, and we need his experience and integrity going forward.

My family has lived in Langley for 19 years. I owned a small business in town for a decade and volunteer for Langley Main Street. I met Craig when he was doorbelling on his first successful run for City Council. He had my vote when he said that banning fireworks in Langley was one of his first priorities. Craig’s follow-through and effectiveness were proven within the year as, with his leadership, the ban passed.

We’re fortunate that Craig was on the City Council during the COVID pandemic, as he voted for one of the first mask mandates in our state and supported businesses by voting for the outdoor curbside seating ordinance. His leadership in hiring and retaining a new finance director helped our city to recover from the pandemic. His support of the city administrator position, providing institutional memory and a professional in charge of city staff, are invaluable to Langley going forward.

Craig is dedicated to the environment, justice and to our community. But these aren’t just concepts to him. I’ve watched Craig’s hard work, his organizational abilities and his skillful balance of pragmatism and idealism. What I appreciate most of all is Craig’s willingness to listen and to work collaboratively – traits needed now more than ever before.

And while we’re at it, let’s elect the very best people to work with Craig. Please cast your vote for Kennedy Horstman for Langley mayor and Chris Carlson for Langley City Council, position 3.

I am filled with gratitude and optimism that three such outstanding, knowledgeable and committed people are putting their considerable energies into this race for the future of our much-loved little town. Please don’t pass up this chance for inspired and effective leadership in Langley.

Valerie Easton