Letter: Deer Lagoon should be preserved


I am writing in support of a comprehensive plan for Deer Lagoon. As a 27-year resident of Shore Avenue, I can attest that the issues with dogs, kite surfers, etc are all accurate. We have so few beautiful, pristine habitat such as Deer Lagoon left, let’s preserve it before we lose it.

Prohibit all powered and non-powered watercraft at the lagoon.

Enforce leash laws and consider prohibiting dogs at Deer Lagoon.

If dogs are allowed, provide a disposal option for properly bagged dog waste.

Prevent dogs from disturbing birds by chasing after them, damaging their nests, and possibly injuring them or even killing chicks.

Prohibit people from harming the habitat by destroying trees and plants.

Provide a safe environment that will encourage all birds, including the rare and recently arrived visitor the American White Pelicans, to nest and flourish at Deer Lagoon.

Prohibit kitesurfing at the lagoon, which scares, harasses and endangers waterfowl.

Prohibit the use of drones at Deer Lagoon.

Provision for enforcement by the county also needs to be included in the management plan.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration,

Anne Proffitt