Letter: Fireworks ban will protect ecosystem


I support the ban on fireworks in Langley that was recently introduced and congratulate those responsible for its introduction.

Banning fireworks is a growing trend and there is precedent in the courts to uphold these bans.

Most communities consider the following as they make their decisions:

* There are many nesting birds in and around Langley in summer. These intermittent and random explosions cause birds to abandon nests leaving eggs and young hatchlings open to predation.

* Young fledglings are extremely vulnerable.

* Other wildlife and domestic pets are subjected to one of the only sanctioned “cruelty to animals” activities.

* Toxic litter is left behind increasing toxin burden to plants and animals.

* Fire risk.

* Damage to people and property.


*City organized display at fairgrounds.

* Laser light show with music event at the fairgrounds.

* Bonfire at the fairgrounds if you need combustion.

This is a wonderful opportunity to teach children and adults the value of protecting our struggling ecosystem.

The notion that “We have always done it” cannot be justified in light of our understanding of our fragile ecosystem in this changing environment. It is time to teach children how to live responsibly and protect their “own backyard.”

So let’s celebrate with family, friends and the community. But do it together as a community in a centralized controlled area.

The random explosions and short-term thrills cannot possibly be worth the damage they do to the environment, to animals and people.

Many tourists seek out Langley because of the solitude and natural beauty. This ban could be a positive “branding” for the tourist industry.

Andrea Malott


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