Letter: Fixating on Trump’s defeat is detrimental to the country


In response to Cheri Filion’s letter to the editor in the June 24 Whidbey News-Times, it seems obvious that she is enamored with Obama, the man, and transfers that enamor to his failed presidency, as have many of his fans.

Barack Obama did more harm to our country, and less good, as president than any predecessor. Mainly, he divided the country to the point we will never be unified again. His massive over-regulation, cronyism, $800 billion stimulus that did not create one job but rewarded big donors, using the IRS, Justice, and other government departments for political gain, the numerous scandals that beset his administration and his world apology tour sets him distinctly apart from all past presidents.

Donald Trump is not a smooth, glib politician but a businessman and has been lied about and opposed at every turn. He attacked Obama’s failed policies of high taxes, strangling regulations on businesses and the economy, and his attempts, through hope and change, to force socialist economic equality on all citizens.

Looking at the past big picture, if Hillary Clinton had been elected, her corruption and all of the high-level Democrat malfeasance that has been exposed would still be hidden and her corrupt activities continuing.

What is not known is what will happen to our country if Democrats regain the White House and Senate and keep the House. This is blithely ignored by those whose only goal is to remove Trump. Nothing else matters. They advocate repealing Trump’s tax relief, against fossil fuels, guns, push political correctness, massively expand economy-crippling climate change regulation and expenditures, which will have little to no effect, wide-open borders, free education, cancel college debt, huge benefits for illegals entering the country that is not provided our elderly and veterans.

Democrats want social equality, tax everything, especially the wealthy, are anti-business, condone public disturbances such as in Seattle, so as not to offend anyone. It is all Democrat-run cities that have these major riot and civil unrest problems with no action being taken to quell anything. It just goes on and on.

Trump is trying to protect what we have, has massively improved the economy and passed tax relief for citizens and businesses that generated optimism and a booming economy. Unfortunately, the appearance of the COVID-19 virus brought it to a temporary pause.

But you can bet Democrats blame Trump for it all. We have an ideological war going on. Electing Democrat Joe Biden, with visible signs of dementia, is not the answer, it will only get worse.

Blind fixation on the removal of Trump surpasses everything, to the complete detriment of our country.

Ed Hickey

Oak Harbor

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