Letter: If serious, SWR editorial writer needs to cool jets


In response to the Editorial Opinion posted in the Dec. 7 South Whidbey Record about slow drivers:

Upon reading this my first thought was this must be a satirical spoof. The opening sentence states, “A peculiar quirk of some Whidbey Island drivers is to travel slightly under the speed limit on the highway.” Slightly under the speed limit??? My understanding has always been that the speed limit is the maximum legal speed limit. Not the minimum, not the precise required speed limit, the maximum. So generally speaking, “slightly” less than the maximum should be just fine.

I believe there is a law stating (paraphrase), if a vehicle is holding up five or more other vehicles behind it, it must pull off at the first place it is safe to do so. That seems reasonable to me.

In California (or some other state) I believe I have seen both a maximum and a minimum speeds posted on freeways. But in rural areas like bucolic Whidbey Island I’ve never seen a minimum.

If someone is traveling at half the posted speed limit, well I can see that as a bit of a problem, although it would rarely be difficult to safely pass someone driving that slowly. At 80 percent of the posted speed limit, well that is a bit pokey, but again I have rarely found it difficult to pass someone traveling 44 in a 55 mph zone.

I have seen drivers tailgate me when I am traveling at or within 1 mph of the speed limit. Then come roaring around me, only to match my speed once they were in front of me. What is the point of that?

So … If that editorial opinion is supposed to be serious … I’d have to say, cool your jets, buddy … for everyone’s sake, but most especially for your own sake.

Steve Ford


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