Letter: In agreement with positions stated in letters


This is in response to three letters to the editor published in the Saturday, June 12 edition.

I would like to thank Wayne Flatten, Mike Staring and Zia Gipson for your very practical and common-sense letters.

Wayne, thank you for pointing out that the south end of Coupeville is really not the best place for our homeless. They are not bags of garbage to hide away in a shed in the woods. They are real people, who need help and if that help is mainly in Oak Harbor, then that’s where their shelter should be.

How about the old Office Max/OfficeDepot building? There are more than enough “money bags” on this island to turn that building into something very needed and practical.

What’s the matter Oak Harbor, too ashamed to let the tourists see the reality of life here?

Thank you, Mike, for pointing out the realities of deciding art. The “Angel” has absolutely nothing to do with Whidbey Island or the Pacific Northwest or Washington state for that matter. Maybe it would fit in somewhere in Seattle, but not here.

Oak Harbor, if you want an artistic sculpture, pick something that resonates with this island and its people.

Zia, thank you for pointing out that misnomers are stupid — my words, not hers. Make the name fit the area and purpose. The name “Maxwelton” Trails has nothing to do with the area they are at. Have we all become so brain-calcified from COVID-19 that things cannot be named apropos and something properly?

Enough said.

Kate Mistler

Oak Harbor

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