Letter: Look beyond color, stop alleging racism


In my initial response to Michael King, I gave a counter to his claim that given the choice as to whether white people would rather be Black or white. The obvious answer, Mr. King asserts, is that white people would rather be white.

Mr. King ignored my counter example which asks whether a person would rather be a well-to-do happy Black person or an unhappy poor white person.

The reason I asked that question was to flesh out the problematic theme of Critical Race Theory.

The dichotomy forces a person to look at the individual as opposed to the collective.

Since King has gone all over the board with various claims — all of which lack evidence — it’s hard to address just every claim he makes. Citing the works of academics is not evidence in and of itself.

It’s simply asserting what King calls “the truth” and then saying go read up on it. He’s given us no actual argument to debate.

It also ignores the academics — Posner, Pyle, Farber, Harris, Thomas Williams, et. al. — who oppose CRT and, much like myself, the thrust of their claims are lack of evidence, or at least, ignoring counter evidence.

King is confident that critics of his views are conservative white people and ignores the diversity of just about everyone.

Most African Americans and other people of color have a bit of Anglo Saxon in their genes. We are a melting pot.

And as confident as Mr. King is that I’m a white conservative — and I am definitely that, but much more — I find it a bit odd that every time I reach into my back pocket to pay for something, right next to my debit card is my Cherokee Nation card which identifies me as a member of their tribe.

My four children also have that card.

I hope one day Micheal King looks beyond color and stops calling others racists or at least sees the irony of his views.

Jimmy Sloan

Oak Harbor