Letter: Nation’s real problem is unrestrained immigration


I think it is time to talk about the elephant in the room. While the mainstream media won’t talk about it except on the edges, the real crisis is our southern border.

While fentanyl deaths are the most terrifying result of Joe Biden’s border, there are other horrors we thought were under control, but have suddenly re-emerged. Polio, tuberculosis, and other diseases that had once been consigned to poor third world backwaters have made a resurgence.

Human trafficking was once the stuff of television police dramas, now it is the daily drama of the illegal aliens pouring over the border. Cities on the border are overwhelmed, hospitals, and social services are in shambles and liberal mayors who receive a small percentage of what border states deal with are now squealing like stuck pigs. Crime is on the rise, and the number of deaths of said illegals is outrageous.

This is not compassion. It is cruel, illegal, unfeeling, and dangerous.

Are you satisfied with two years of unrestrained illegal border crossings?

Legal immigration helps the country and is our most endearing quality. It has been the most unusual feature of any country on the planet. All other countries hold immigration as a violation of their sovereignty, and strictly limit it. Try, if you’re crazy, getting citizenship in China. Unless you are a Han Chinese you will die waiting.

So please explain to me what a blessing unrestrained illegal immigration is.

Fred Wilferth