Letter: President should share voters’ values


We are a representative government. The main way each citizen participates is by choosing the individuals they want to represent them at various levels of government. Ideally it is someone that shares their values and and has had similar life experiences, especially in the highest office of the presidency.

Who best represents your interests and priorities? Is is a man who was born a millionaire and never worked a hard job in his life? Is it a man who initiated hundreds of lawsuits to sue those who provided services for his company? Is it a man who lies about the value of his assets to evade taxes and inflates them in order to receive favorable rates on loans? Is it a man who mocks the handicapped and calls all immigrants “scum” even though he is a first generation American himself?

Are you best represented by a man who has been convicted of sexual assault and has many other women who have alleged he assaulted them? A man who brags about grabbing women by their “privates” and seems to think he has that right because he is wealthy and famous. Are you best represented by a man who insults a fellow Republican who sacrificed his health to defend our country.

Are you best represented by a man so drunk on power that he was willing to try to sabotage an election that ousted him, because he felt he could? A man that invited a crowd he knew was armed to go to the Capitol and challenge the counting of votes, then stood by watching the riot on television, refusing to take action for hours while the Capitol was desecrated. A man that continues to lie about the outcome of that election in spite of 60 plus legal cases that have concluded the results were correct? A man who sucks up to dictators and believes Vladimir Putin over our own intelligence services. A man who is willing to betray Ukraine and NATO in order to please Putin? A man who lies knowingly and frequently and lies in the hope that if he says it often and loud enough, people will believe him?

Are you best represented by a man who insults his opponents, veterans, parents of veterans and just about any woman that is not his “type.” That’s who he is; is this who you want to represent you?

Charles Niedzialkowski

Oak Harbor