Letter: Price Johnson there for people with disabilities


In our front yard we have a flagpole. It has the American flag, the 12th man flag and, at the base of the flagpole, is our Helen Price Johnson yard sign.

We are voting for Helen Price Johnson on Nov. 3 because of her leadership and experience. My roommate and I both experience disabilities. We live on our own with the support of caregivers and our caring families. We both have jobs and are very active in our community.

One organization we are actively involved is People First of Island County. This is a nonprofit organization that educates the community about persons who experience disabilities, advocates through political action, and celebrates our strengths and diversity.

During our last meeting we were made aware from our state People First representative that because of COVID-19 there are huge budget cuts coming. We were told that about 7,000 persons will lose some support services.

We are old enough to remember the last time we had a bad budget year. Helen Price Johnson was our county commissioner at the time. She worked hard so guys like us could stay as independent as possible.

We need Helen Price Johnson to help us get the support we need so we can stay involved in the community where we live, work and recreate.

Please vote for Helen. Oh and … go Hawks!

Jason Burley and

Geno Dogans

Oak Harbor