Letter: Roundabout needed at harrowing intersection


I was really excited when i read that the first round-a-bout was going to be built on South Whidbey, until I read the next sentence and saw that it was going in on the corner of Main and Harbor Avenue in Freeland. Wait! What? Where?

How about putting it where it really needed, the place of multiple accidents and death and hundreds of near misses a month: Highway 525 and the intersections of Bush Point Road/Honeymoon Bay Road. Anybody who has to use that intersection will tell you how harrowing it is, with cars speeding up and down the highway and impatient drives turning left out of Honeymoon Bay Road, heading towards Freeland and the ferry.

Perhaps we need to start a community petition to send to WSDOT, before more horrible things happen in that place. North Whidbey now has a couple of roundabouts on the highway and the same is needed here and it is needed now, not after more people die.

Mark Gaggia