Letter: School should rethink decision to lay off dean


Upon reading that Mr. Black, previous dean of students, had been laid off by the Coupeville School District, I was sad. I was sad not only for Mr. Black and his family because I know he enjoyed his job, but I was also sad for all the future students of the Coupeville Middle and High School who will not be able to flourish under his care.

I was under Mr. Black’s care throughout my middle and high school time in Coupeville, starting about 18 years ago. Mr. Black knew every kid by name; he’d greet you when you walked in the building. During my tenure he made the school feel safer and the kids feel seen. He was always in your corner, cheering you on because he truly cared.

I know Superintendent King had to enforce cuts to lower the budget; however, the value lost by Mr. Black’s departure far outweighs any money saved. I strongly hope the school district re-thinks its decision and finds a place on campus for Mr. Black once again.

Christian Chambers