Letter: Senior, military discounts are a good idea


We recently asked one local not-new restaurant via social media if they offer a senior discount. The reply: “Hi there! Great question, while we do not have a discount at the moment we do have a light section on our menu. Hope this helps, thank you.”

Our reply: “Not a great answer.”

A senior discount can help businesses build customer loyalty among this older demographic, who may be more likely to become repeat customers if they feel appreciated and valued.

It can also enhance a business’ reputation as being inclusive and considerate of the needs of older individuals, which can attract customers of all age groups who appreciate a business that values diversity and inclusivity.

In addition, offering a military discount can build strong bonds with military members and their families. According to www.militaryonesource.mil, “NASWI supports approximately 9,000 military personnel to include over 500 reservist, 19,194 family members, and 2,100 civilian employees. We also support Canadian Forces and their families.” That’s significant buying power.

Overall, offering such discounts can be a strategic way for businesses to attract and retain these customers, enhance their reputation, and increase sales. You can either do a straight discount or pick a special day to offer a deal like one local business does.

That would help your business, don’t you think? Many local businesses do. Please consider.

Thank you to those businesses that do offer these discounts. We appreciate many of you with our repeat business.

JoAnn and John Hellmann

Oak Harbor