Letter: Shane Hoffmire is right candidate for city council


I give my strongest endorsement to Shane Hoffmire for Oak Harbor City Council, Position 5.

Shane was a commissioner during my entire 2.5 years as the executive director of the North Whidbey Pool, Park and Recreation District. During that time, I saw first hand his unwavering support for the district and its patrons and staff. His honest, pragmatic and positive insight into the district’s problems and needs, his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the questions and concerns of the patrons and the staff, and his ability to work with the other commissioners set him far apart.

I also observed his dedication to volunteerism during his tenure on the district’s Board of Commissioners. During the shutdown of the pool, he volunteered countless hours making sure that the facilities were maintained and didn’t fall into disrepair. When funding became available, he dedicated countless more volunteer hours, helping get the needed repairs to critical equipment to be able to operate safely.

One of Shane’s great strengths is his ability to listen and discuss ideas with all people, even those with whom he may disagree, and work with them to arrive at a practical solution, thus earning my utmost respect and admiration.

Shane’s commitment to accountability and affordability in government will foster an atmosphere of openness with the citizens of Oak Harbor in the way he approaches all issues. I have no doubt he will bring these same attributes to City Council and work in the best interests of the citizens of Oak Harbor.

Steve McCaslin

Oak Harbor

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