Letter: Sheriff turns a blind eye to problem


Recently, a spate of criminal activity has befallen a local community on the South End. Indigent squatters have been recorded on cameras breaking and entering into homes and garages, stealing belongings, heirlooms and keepsakes. Homeowners have repeatedly called the Sheriff’s Office about the situation. The sheriff and deputies say they know exactly who these individuals are but because they are indigent, the sheriff will not arrest and file charges “because nothing can be obtained from them.”

The Island County Sheriff’s Office, or ICSO, suggests we tally up the stolen belongings, provide a list with valuation, and the ICSO will provide a police report, but with a catch. The valuations will be greatly inflated so we can submit to our homeowner’s insurance company and obtain a payout. Excuse me? These thieves steal $1,000 from me, so the ICSO writes $5,000 was stolen where I can submit to my insurance company?

Not only is ICSO not doing the jobs they were elected and hired for by enforcing the laws, they appear to be an active participant engaging in insurance fraud by inflating valuation of our lost belongings so we can get a larger payout. ICSO is also risking homeowners for non-renewal of insurance policies because of claim history.

All because ICSO refuses to arrest and prosecute these criminals “because nothing can be obtained from them.” ICSO: How about doing your jobs and removing the criminals’ freedom. That’s what you can obtain from them.

Jack Brown