Letter: The Big Lie responsible for many deaths


After reading the letter from Fred Wilferth printed in the Sept. 2 issue three times, I find it impossible to feel anything but pity for the man. It is obvious his news sources are from the radical right which, for over three years, have been promoting Trump’s fascist propaganda and The Big Lie (that his re-election was stolen). It’s obvious Mr. Wilferth has chosen to ignore the numerous court cases documenting the absence of any evidence to the contrary).

Ashli Babbitt was not the only person to die on Jan. 6, 2021 because of Trump’s attempted coup in violation of his Oath of Office. As unfortunate as her death was, it was the result of her own illegal actions, probably enhanced by her belief in various QAnon conspiracy theories, and in violation of the oath she took upon enlistment in the U.S. Air Force.

It appears Mr. Wilferth has forgotten Kevin Greeson, who suffered a fatal heart attack. He was there that day because he had bought The Big Lie and supported the Proud Boys. (We know who was responsible for their involvement.) Let’s also remember Rosanne Boyland, who was there because she, too, had bought into The Big Lie and QAnon conspiracy theories. Videos show her being crushed by rioters during their attempt to fight through police lines. Her brother-in-law has stated he believes Trump bears some of the responsibility for her death.

And then there was Benjamin Philips, who died of a stroke. He was a strong advocate of lashing out against “corrupt communist Marxist scummy Democrats.”

Perhaps, while he’s at it, Mr. Wilferth should take a moment to remember the five police officers whose deaths are also attributed to Trump’s attempted coup: Brian Sicknick, who was so badly beaten by the mob that he suffered two strokes resulting in his death within hours after the mob was beaten back. Nor should any of us forget the four police officers who committed suicide in the days following or the 100+ who were injured, many of whom so badly they have not been able to return to duty.

I will not waste time or print to respond to the numerous allegations or delusions Mr. Wilferth made in his attempt to defend Trump or disparage Biden. It’s obvious his indoctrination into the MAGA cult has taken over whatever intellectual acuities he may have once had.

Rusty Gagnon

Oak Harbor