Letter: Trump deserves the maximum sentence


Finally, Trump’s criminal, political behavior is brought to justice. It’s a commentary on the strength of federalism, how power in the Constitution is shared between the federal and state governments. Here, we have a tenacious New York City DA’s office getting him on 32 counts of falsifying business records as part of a conspiracy to influence a public election, and not just any election, but for the President of the United States.

This is very significant. Every American should thank Alvin Bragg and his team. They may have saved democracy in the United States.

I believe it’s essential that Trump be given the maximum sentence here — four years in prison. This was no common business fraud. The stakes here could not have been higher and must be considered a compounding factor. This crime was the opening act that was followed by two impeachments while in office, trying to steal votes in Georgia, promoting treason on January 6 and stealing and absconding with top secret documents after leaving office. It’s all of one piece and won’t stop if he’s elected again.

This case, this verdict, this sentence at the state level is America’s only chance at justice here. Even if Biden is re-elected and the federal cases proceed to convictions, those decisions will be overturned on appeal by the right-wing Supreme Court. And the Georgia case, while they have him red-handed, can be squashed on appeal at the state Supreme Court level, or ultimately by a pardon by the governor.

This is it. He’s given four years in prison right here at the state level. Following that, he’s defeated in November, and then he loses on appeal, and then he does his time, and then we never have another president break the law because he knows what will happen.

Steven V. Horton