Letter: Vote for Aws for stable leadership


Steady as she goes.

I was president of the school board that appointed Jessica Aws to a director position. You will not find an individual more dedicated to the school board’s core mission of improving student learning.

No single school board director has sufficient individual legal power to enact meaningful change; a simple majority — three on Oak Harbor’s five-person board — is legally required to approve even the most routine of matters, such as extending a public meeting past its publicly notified end time.

Worthy policy only comes to pass because of effective teachers and staff with the support of the community, volunteers, the administrative team and a collaborative school board led by a capable president.

The last several years have been tumultuous, to say the least. Our schools need steady, effective leadership with the experience to handle the inevitable challenges that will arise; Oak Harbor needs Jessica Aws. Please vote for Jessica Aws, position 2, director, Oak Harbor School Board.

Peter Hunt

Oak Harbor