Letter: Where is all the outrage now that Trump is gone


I am curious as to why, in just a few months, those people who were telling all of us that putting children in “cages” was inhuman and was as bad as the Nazi death camps are suddenly silent.

With internment up as much as 800 percent I would think there would be at least a question of what is happening and who is in charge.

There is no Trump to blame so I guess there is no crisis.

As the country goes toward tyranny by the well-connected with the blessings of the Democratic party, I shudder for my children and grandchildren who will have to live under whatever totalitarian rule that emerges from the woke renaissance.

I know that it is useless to appeal to the liberals to use their brains rather than their emotions, but it would be nice if just once they applied the same standards to themselves that they demand of us.

Fred Wilferth


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