Letter: Whidbey needs rational housing options


We need rational housing choices in Island County for young people just starting out. They can’t afford much. But if it doesn’t exist, they can’t live in it; no one can magically create older, inexpensive housing units. There is no single reason as to why we need so many more simple rental units than we have, but it’s time to stop saying “not here.”

And why must we label the housing discussion by a category term? Is “affordable housing” government subsidized? Is it low-income housing? Is it available to anyone, or is “closed” by age, by income or by some other criteria? What about more senior housing units for South Whidbey Island? What about condominium units?

Talk is cheap, however, it is always action that produces results. All we hear or read about is “affordable housing.” Why instead aren’t we also calling for rational housing choices? I think we all understand rational.

Rational housing is needed right along with affordable housing.

The best way to create more housing quickly is to build three- and four-story buildings with studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom units, and have enough units so an on-site manager can live there too. Condominiums/townhomes are needed. Retirement units are needed, especially in South Whidbey.

Speed in producing rational housing units seems like it is the No. 1 goal facing our community today.

If you know young adults – ask them how difficult it is for them to find a clean and decent place to live, with or without roommates. Ask and listen.

Leanne Finlay