Letter: Wright has experience necessary to lead city


When I decided not to run for re-election for Oak Harbor mayor, I thought it would be best not to endorse a candidate for this job. I feel differently now for a few reasons. First and foremost is the difference in experience. As mayor, I make many decisions about people. Who fits best of committees, boards and even employee decisions in several departments, including fire and police. The employee decisions are especially important since they become part of the team that performs the many services provided by our city.

Ronnie Wright has extensive experience making decisions about people. He has experience with large organizations, including our federal government down to his experience owning and managing his own successful local company.

This local experience is proof that Ronnie understands the importance of working together and supporting other organizations to gain something better for all involved in our city. He has invested much time and money for many years in our community.

My other reasons are more personal so I’ll just say there is a rather large difference between the two candidates, which means I will be voting for Ronnie Wright to become our next mayor.

Bob Severns

Oak Harbor mayor