Letter: Wright has vital understanding of finances


It is my distinct pleasure to endorse Ronnie Wright for mayor of Oak Harbor.

Ronnie is an accomplished individual. He is the owner of Pacific Grace Accounting, he earned his MBA, is a former supervisor at the IRS and is a U.S. Navy veteran. All this and more gives Ronnie the professional experience and background necessary to be the mayor of our city.

As a former chair of the Island County Republican Party, I have seen candidates both good and bad come and go.

Ronnie is one of the good ones. I have found him to be open, direct, honest and forthcoming with any questions posed to him.

Ronnie is fiscally conservative, which to me is very important since the mayor, along with the finance department, write the proposed budget that goes forward to the council to pass. It is critical that those doing this important work understand how money works, and how their decisions impact the long- and short-term finances of our city and her ratepayers. I hope you agree, Ronnie has the ability to do just that.

I urge my fellow citizens to go to the Ronnie Wright for Mayor website, Facebook page or voter pamphlet, to learn more. Better yet, if you have specific questions, contact Ronnie personally at 360-203-5026. I know he will talk to you.

When you get your ballot, remember, vote Ronnie Wright for mayor.

Sandi Peterson

Oak Harbor