Letter: Writer’s ‘school report’ gets failing grade


I am writing to express appreciation for Fred Wilferth’s ability to find nonsense on the internet and then cut and paste that nonsense into his Aug. 13 letter “Government is taking away our freedom.”

His is not a political statement, but a grade school report:

“How I spent my summer at Q-Anon Conspiracy Fantasy Camp” by Freddie Wilferth (age, undetermined).

Freddie says, “We are a republic, not a democracy.” I’ve heard this before, but apparently Freddie didn’t learn the first lesson of kindergarten – that repeating nonsense over and over doesn’t make it real.

To be correct, we are both a republic and a democracy. But Fred and Alex ‘I’m bankrupt’ Jones prefer to apply caveman logic:

(Using their cave-person voices): “Uggg, Republicans/Republic good; uggg, Democrats/Democracy bad!”

Mr. Wilferth can’t even get his story straight, because later he says that overturning Roe v. Wade is “a move back to democracy.”

Little Freddie skipped school the year they taught social studies and government; so instead he gives us his fantasy version of U.S. History:

“Once upon a time there was a great American Empire where everyone was happily un-gay, and there were never any wars, civil wars, slavery, racism, poverty, depressions, recessions, housing crisis, terrorists attacks, or ‘oligarchs’ meddling in politics.

“But then 14 years ago, Barack “the Kenyan” Obama stole the election – twice! – and brought about the moral decline of America!

“And even The Avatar – Donald the Trump — could not win against the evil ‘deep state’ of Barak and his henchwoman, ‘Lock ‘em up’ Hilary. So now the task of giving our nation a ‘complete cleansing’ has been left to brave Saint Fredrick Wilferth of Coupeville (The end).”

Apparently the “tip” of the Dem’s seditious spear is now “a TV crew who committed the same infraction” as the “terrorist” (Ted Cruz’ words) who violently assaulted our Nation’s Capital on Jan. 6.

What Little Freddie is referring to is when people working for late-night host (and Democratic operative) Stephen Colbert were detained while filming Congress people being interviewed by “Triumph” the cigar-chomping, insult comic dog. But the “deep state” Capital Police and the ‘weaponized’ FBI released them when they couldn’t make charges of Puppetry in the First Degree stick.

Apparently, Fred is still lost in Q-Tip Fantasy Land; and he hasn’t even tried coming back to reality.

David Freed