Christmas wishes

Kindergartners in Karyn LeWarne’s class at South Whidbey Elementary School answered these pertinent questions from The South Whidbey Record.

1. What do you want for the holidays?

2. What do you want to get someone else for the holidays?

Michaela Erickson

1. Everything unicorn and cheetah. Unicorn bedding.

2. I want to give my daddy a Seahawks something. He likes the Seahawks.

Christmas wishes

Morgan Young

1. New gel pens.

2. A toy, and stuff like that. I think they [my parents] should actually get some toys because they never got any.

Christmas wishes

Adelaide Walsh

1. A Barbie Dream House.

2. An Infinity Gauntlet [for my younger brother].

Christmas wishes

Brody Johnson

1. Pokemon cards.

2. Fake hair [for my mommy].

Christmas wishes

Ayden Sambo

1. I want a unicorn and a Jurassic World Lego set.

2. I will get my dad some more tools and I will get my mom some more coffee.

Christmas wishes

Kai Narva’ez

1. To celebrate my bird and my dog.

2. [For my cousins] I want Stackrobats.

Christmas wishes

Thayer Holmes

1. I want a Lego set train that is electric. It moves around by itself.

2. A game.

Christmas wishes

Macy Glaze

1. I want an L.O.L. set. It’s something where you have some L.O.L. toys and then you get a whole set of them and you get a little house that comes with it and other things.

2. I want my mom to get a special necklace. I want my dad to get a special suit. And I want my sister to get a whole bag of gel pens because she loves gel pens.