How do you determine your first (or next) step in your fitness journey? One of the most effective tools at South Island CrossFit is the InBody body composition scanner, which can help determine what approach makes the most sense for you.

Tap into tech to customize your fitness journey

Whidbey gym uses advanced technology for a wellness plan built just for you

Does your approach to fitness goals need to match your unique body make-up?

Definitely – in fact, whether you’re just starting out or want to fine-tune for a competition, the most successful people start with a good strategy, suggests Daniel Jensen, personal trainer and owner of Whidbey’s South Island CrossFit.

The question is, how do you determine your first (or next) step? One of the most effective tools at Coach Daniel’s gym is his InBody body composition scanner.

This unique medical-grade scanner provides a comprehensive analysis of a person’s make-up. Each scan measures a person’s water, dry lean mass and body fat. Jensen says his gym is one of the only places offering the technology on all of Whidbey Island.

Applying your body’s dataabout muscle mass and body fat helps your fitness plan to frame your workouts so that you can boost your strength, conditioning, or even plan a successful return from injury, Jensen explains.

“The scan takes just 30 seconds, and lets us create a strategic roadmap to get each person to their fitness destination.” he says.

Based on your body composition you’ll gain a helpful understanding of how your nutrition choices fuel your activity. You’ll walk away knowing how many calories and how much protein your body should consume each day.

The InBody scan is available to any community member who would like guidance in how their body composition might affect their fitness path. To set up a scan, simply contact Daniel to make an appointment. After the scan, it takes 15 to 25 minutes to discuss what the data means.

“While we’d like to have you join our South Island CrossFit family, we really just want to help,” Jensen notes. He says the InBody scanner is really about getting in touch with the neighborhood and building a healthy community on Whidbey Island.

As a local who has called the island home for a decade, Jensen applies his relationship-building desires to fitness training and to creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels like time with the gym family is a highlight of the day.

“We really try to set ourselves apart through excellent coaching. We help people build safe and effective technique from day 1, no matter where each person starts on their journey. In just a few weeks everyone sees improvement,” Jensen says.

“So many diverse people who come to our gym, but at the end of each class our relationships are stronger and we find ourselves on a common ground. Everyone’s fitness journey is different, so it helps to step out with a good strategy.

Ready to get started on your custom fitness plan?

Contact the South Island CrossFit team today or visit to learn more.

And while they’re not necessarily easy to find, South Island CrossFit is definitely worth the visit! Check out the video here for an easy how-to on getting to this little gym, located behind the South Whidbey Community Center in Langley.

The InBody body composition scanner is a unique medical-grade scanner that provides a comprehensive analysis of a person’s make-up, measuring water, dry lean mass and body fat, for example.

The InBody body composition scanner is a unique medical-grade scanner that provides a comprehensive analysis of a person’s make-up, measuring water, dry lean mass and body fat, for example.

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