Oak Harbor man tests positive for coronavirus

An Oak Harbor man who is the father of a student at Oak Harbor High School tested positive for the coronavirus.

Island County Public Health Director Keith Higman said the man was “not on our radar at all” and presented himself at a health care facility in another county.

Officials at Island County Public Health were notified of the positive COVID-19 test Tuesday. The man with coronavirus is in his 50s and is currently in care at a location outside of the county, Higman said.

The Oak Harbor School District notified families that the man who contracted the virus is the father of a student who has been absent from school since last Wednesday and currently has no symptoms. The student will remain out of school and will test for COVID-19.

Island County Public Health is working with partners to identify and contact all those who may have come in close contact with the man who tested positive. These individuals will be guided to monitor themselves for fever and respiratory symptoms for 14 days following their last exposure.

This is the first known case of novel coronavirus in Island County. An Island County resident who is an EMT in Kirkland tested negative for the virus.

“At this time Public Health encourages practicing social distancing as a means to reduce the risk of exposure,” a press release states. “Stay at least 6 feet away from each other, especially if someone may be sick. Coughs and sneezes can travel this distance, and their droplets may contain a virus. This may include rescheduling events or limiting the number or participants.”