Langley creates yet another citizen committee

The Langley City Council has authorized the establishment of yet another city committee to be led by citizen volunteers.

Mayor Scott Chaplin asked the council at its Dec. 20 meeting to approve the proposed creation of a finance and personnel committee, which is already outlined in the Langley Municipal Code.

The new committee would “deliberate and make recommendations on legislative matters relating to financial management of the city and its agents, the personnel system, the annual budget, taxes and fees, financial audits, appropriations, debts, claims, data processing, human rights and administration of city funds,” according to the city code.

“I think it would probably benefit us by having such a committee,” Chaplin said. “We have some people in the community who have a wealth of experience in this area and just having a second, or third, or fourth set of eyes to help us as we’re going through the budgets and planning our finances is sometimes useful.”

Finance Director Monica Felici asked if she would be involved in the committee. The mayor said she would be.

Public Works Director Randi Perry questioned why the new committee was being created now when applicants for the Public Works Advisory Committee were being put on hold until the new year.

Chaplin responded that the council will be reviewing all of the city commissions and boards at its first meeting in January and might decide then to not move ahead with the finance committee.

“It just gives us more options by having it established now,” he said. “The council, in 2022, can take it back if they don’t want it.”

Approving the finance and personnel committee now will also allow the city to advertise on its website for potential candidates to apply.