New Trustland trail already popular

The Trustland Trails recently got a new addition.

In early December, about a third of a mile was added to the existing few miles of trails in the area. It took about two weeks to complete.

The action to create the trail was approved by the South Whidbey Parks and Recreation Board of Commissioners at a public meeting on Nov. 20. The new trail was a funded project within the Parks and Rec budget.

“We have not received one negative comment since it’s been installed, only thank yous and good comments,” Executive Director Doug Coutts said.

Part of the trail includes a spur, which overlooks a ravine. Coutts said an observation deck may be built at the site eventually.

The trail does not yet have an official name, although it may be named after the naturally occurring Pacific yew tree along the path, a rare find according to Coutts.

He believes a recent increase in people walking the trails has helped to alleviate neighbors’ fears about illegal drug use and overnight camping.

“When you increase activity in a site, when you increase trail-walking, generally your negative activity at the site goes down,” Coutts said.

He added, “Every time I drive over to Trustland Trails, the parking lot generally has cars in it now.”