Oak Harbor drivers among best?

Drivers who zip around Oak Harbor may be surprised to learn they are among the best in the state.

Drivers who zip around the mean streets of Oak Harbor may be surprised to learn they are among the best in the state, at least according to an online insurance comparison company.

Traffic “experts” at the company QuoteWizard crunched a variety of driving-related data to come up with lists of cities in the nation with the best and worst drivers. Oak Harbor came in third in the state, behind Kenmore and Longview.

The worst drivers are deemed to be in Walla Walla, Burien and Lake Stevens.

The information factored into the list includes speeding tickets, citations, accidents and DUIs.

“Cities with the most dangerous driving incidents are rated among the worst, while cities with the fewest dangerous driving incidents are rated as the best,” the company reported.

Capt. Tony Slowik with the Oak Harbor Police Department worked as a traffic enforcement officer and a patrol officer before being promoted to the administrative position. He agreed that Oak Harbor is a safe place to drive, saying it was a good place to teach his kids to learn the skill.

Yet Slowik was hesitant to agree that Oak Harbor drivers are among the best in the state without looking at statistics, and he wondered how the company came up with the analysis.

“Regionally, we are seeing an increase in aggressive driving and distracted driving,” he noted.

According to QuoteWizard, the worst drivers in the nation are in Virginia Beach, Virginia, due to a high rate of citations and DUIs. The second worst is Dayton, Ohio, which has a high number of speeding citations.

Meanwhile, Detroit has the best drivers in the nation, the company concluded. It has the lowest rate of accidents and the second-lowest rate of speeding tickets.

Other companies and organizations have done similar analyses over the years and concluded that Oak Harbor is among the safest communities. The organization Alarms.org, for example, found that the city was the safest in the state three years ago.